1- Search engine optimization :  
  We analyze your site in order to find highly searched keywords related to your business. We then optimize your website to get a good position in the search engine's first pages. We will always monitor the search engine results for your keywords and do any needed actions to improve or maintain the results. Please read carefully our packages .  
  2-Search engine optimization consultation :  
  If you want to optimize your site on your own, we will be happy to make an evaluation on your website's search engine compatibility. We will then give you a detailed report and recommended strategies. Contact us to get an SEO consultation, along with a detailed report.  
  3-Search engine submission/crawlability improving:  

If your site is new and you donít intend to do search engine optimization for now, you can at least submit it to the major search engines. We can submit your website manually to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN), and build a one time shot of links for your website. This will prove to be sufficient enough to make your site enjoy better search engine crawl ability.

  4-IP Delivery GEO Targeting - IP Locator:  
  Detected the location of your visitor broken down to the citiy level, show them offers and promotional stuff close to them.  
  5-Website Analysis - Tracking Conversions:  
  Learn more about your traffic source, check which medium is converting better, adjust your marketing strategy, spend your money with the right medium.  
  6-Link Building Service:  
  Inbound link is the main factor that major search engine take in account to rank your website in the search engine results. More information about link building service.  
  7-Pay per click management :  
  There are a lot of paid search engines through the web. This means that you need to pay to be on the top positions. Besides the PPC systems for the major search engines like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN advertisement center, we can run any paid campaign for you. You only need to give us your main keywords, your daily-weekly-monthly budget, and your preferred service provider (Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN advertisement center). We can take care of the rest and give you a monthly report about the performance of your campaign. More information about PPC management.  
  8-SEO friendly Blog installation:  

With search engines, it is a numbers game. The more quality, fresh and unique content your website has, the better are your chances in being shown in the search engines’ result page. Blogs with their SEO friendly structure will be the best way to send your message to the worldwide web. This is why we offer Word Press blog installation, customization and training. We make sure that you have your blog on a live set-up as soon as possible. We guarantee satisfaction and you will never regret it.

  9- Articles writing and Publishing (SEO copywriting) :  
  We use online articles to get links and more web traffic. We help you build your expert reputation and attract more customers. Contact us for details  
  10- Dynamic Site Optimization :  
  Do you have a database driven website (Like E-commerce site, CMS)? Would you like to implement the SEF file names, the page's title and dynamic Meta tags? Would you prefer to automatically optimize your new page creation? If your answer is “yes” to all these questions, please Contact us for details  
  11- Froogl Products Listing Services :  
  Are you a merchant with E-commerce website, need more exposure to your products, then Froogle: Smart shopping through Google is your best choice  Contact us for details  
  12- Google Local Results :

Did you notice when you search Google for some terms like "web hosting Toronto", you see on the top portion the name of a company and how far this company is from your location? This is the Google Local Results which also has the ability to show the location of your business in Google Map. If you also want to have your business listed there, you can Contact us for details




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