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Those us who live and work in Toronto do not need to sold on city. We revel in its cosmopolitan atmosphere and beautiful cityscapes. But if you are a Toronto based Internet marketing company simply knowing these things is not enough. You are going to need to be able to communicate them to others. And, as any marketer knows, the best salesman uses all the tools at his disposal. Toronto itself is a big arrow in your marketing quiver, and it will allow you to hit targets many of your competitors to the south cannot.

Although there is much business to be had within the confines of Canada proper, an Internet marketing company would be insane if it did not at least seek out clients south of the border. However, part of the problem for any Internet marketing company based in Toronto, is the lack of knowledge about the city, and its province, in the United States. Most Americans, even those involved in high end business, have only a limited knowledge of the city. Therefore, every Toronto based Internet marketing company is faced with a dual sales role: (1) sell your services; and (2) sell Toronto itself.

We believe this can be achieved without resorting to the tactics of the Canadian Tourist board. The selling of Toronto itself can be achieved through both subtle and direct means which show the specific and detailed advantages to doing business with a Toronto Internet Marketing company. But, you may ask, what are these subtle and direct means?

Well, we will start with the direct means first.

Toronto is an International city in ways no U.S. city can boast. It has direct cultural and linguistic ties to Europe. As a member of the common wealth, it has direct ties to the United Kingdom, and as a truly bilingual city it has direct ties to France. Therefore, any company seeking to make forays into these lucrative markets would make a wiser choice in selecting a Toronto based Internet Marketing Company than in any of its U.S. competitors. Can a U.S. company easily provide web content in English and French? Of course not. But for a Toronto Internet marketing company such activities are a breeze. Does a U.S. marketing company understand the specific cultural interests of U.K.? Why would they? But a Toronto Internet marketing company certainly does. And, of course, any Toronto company will also have an easy time understanding the Canadian customer, another lucrative market, and another market that U.S. marketing firms are loathe to understand.

Okay, you may ask, a Toronto Internet marketing company may understand all these things, and have all these skills; but what about the U.S. consumer? This is the customer most U.S. companies will be most interested in reaching, right? Yes, this may be true; but, again, Toronto companies have a strong case to me made here as well. We watch America television, we see American movies, and we buy American products. We even travel to America more often than American travel to Canada. We understand America as only an outsider can. And this "outsider perspective" is valuable to any marketing process. The outsider holds none of the prejudices of the native. He or she can understand without judging.

Fine, you say, those are good direct arguments; but what about the subtle arguments?

The subtle arguments will be an attempt to convey everything suggest above with added discretion. During a meeting with one of your potential clients, briefly lapse into French with one of your co-workers. On your company brochures include pictures of Toronto. Many people in the U.S. aren't aware what a beautiful and modern city it is. Discuss recent trips to Europe or European clients. And, all the while, demonstrate a strong interest in all things American.

All of these subtle tactics have a unique impression on those in the U.S.. Despite popular conceptions, most Americans respect the cosmopolitan and view it as representing skill sets that cannot be as easily achieved in America. So do not be afraid to fly your Toronto flag high. It will only serve you with future American clients.

Finally, you will need to sell some American values as well, but again you can use your Toronto base as a tool in this process as well. Americans uniquely respect strong work ethics; and though they may argue (even using statistics) that American workers are harder working and more diligent, they do not intuitively believe this. They think every country has harder workers. So when holding a meeting with any U.S. firm stress the work ethic of your firm and its employees. Talk about the long hours, then diligence, the patience and commitment of your staff. Americans will buy this, and it will impress them. Of course, we assume it will also be true; but regardless of its validity you will need to sell it.

So as a Toronto based Internet marketing company drop the fears about competing in the U.S.. You have a whole set of tools that will leave your U.S. competitors in the dust.

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