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Whenever discussing any campaign, devised by an Internet marketing company, ethical practices always play a role -- especially in regard to SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns. For companies based in Toronto this provides an interesting opportunity. The company is already competing with U.S. and foreign based companies which have either (a) higher name recognition, or (b) lower costs structures. Therefore, an Internet marketing company paying the relatively high cost of Toronto real estate, and therefore unable to severely cut service fees, must seek other ways to attract costumers. One of the ways to do this is through presenting higher ethical practices, especially in regards to SEO campaigns.

But what does this mean in actual practice?

In actual practice, it presents a valuable tool for an Internet company in Toronto to build strong customer loyalty, and this is especially important where SEO marketing is concerned. Due to the nature of SEO marketing, many companies feel an inherent unease. They feel that SEO methods represent a gimmick or trick, and therefore seem to possess an inherent ethical problem. Digital snake oil, one might say.

Of course there is nothing more inherently unethical about SEO practices than selecting a good physical location for your business. SEO schemes merely give an Internet company the equivalent advantage in the digital sphere. But if SEO marketing schemes aren't inherently unethical, how does an Toronto Internet Marketing Company present itself as living up to a higher ethical standard?

The answer is simple: It is all based on applicability and success. In short, most SEO practices that are seen as lacking an ethical base are those which bring the wrong consumers to a company's website. Therefore, a company's presentation should be based around the notion that ethical practices are also smart business practices. You want to reach the people who actually have an interest in your products and services, not merely bring endless groups of people who may have no interest in your products or services.

We can take this one step further.

Make the SEO scheme a true value-add beyond its SEO function. In other words, if the SEO scheme actually adds SEO content, then the Internet marketing company can insure that this content will be of actual value to your customers. If the SEO scheme uses some form of embedded SEO, then again this can be seen as a true value-add, because it will actually bring appropriate customers to the specific website.

Finally, the Toronto Internet marketing company can offer what is called "decision based SEO." This is a method whereby various SEO practices draw in costumers considering a different but related product or service. If for example you are marketing LCD television, you bring in people shopping for plasma or CRT televisions. And the key to this type of tactic is providing information-based SEO material, which actually argues the case for the alternate choice. In other words, the SEO actually helps to change the customer's mind, or at least consider the alternate product or service.

At the heart of all of this though is a central argument: There is no ethical problem with SEO, either for the Internet Marketing Company or for company requesting this marketing service. Toronto Internet marketing companies are in a unique position to present themselves as at the vanguard of this argument. Studies have shown that U.S. companies have an inherent belief that business practices are more ethical in Canada. The reasons for this are multifaceted, and outside the scope of this discussion, however, it does provide the Toronto based Internet marketing company with a leg up on its competition. Since potential clients are predisposed to believe in the superior ethics of Canadian companies; the discussion of ethical standards by a Canadian company will be taken more seriously.

These facts, combined the unique international and language advantages of Internet marketing companies located in Toronto, give Toronto Internet marketing companies a unique skill set that can easily leave U.S. competitors far behind. So when approaching any SEO practice do not shy away from the discussion of ethical issues, embrace them. You and your company will reap the rewards.

And, on a final note, remember ethical business practices need not merely be a set of buzz words. When you approach any marketing task ethics should always play a role. However, too often the issue of ethical business practices is viewed as suggesting that there is something inherently unethical about the free market. Of course, there is not. We hope this brief discussion went some way to helping you see this crucial, but oft forgotten point.

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