Q- Why do I need search engine optimization for my site?

A- The second step after getting your website functional and online is to drive traffic to this website. Otherwise, it will be meaningless to create a website that can promote your business without having enough traffic. This is because search engines are the biggest source of traffic for any website. Definitely, it will be good for your site to be on the first page of the search engines’ result page.

Q- I don't think that you offer enough ranking guarantee for my keywords:

A- When you deal with an SEO company, search engines are a third party and nobody can guarantee any results with them. Actually, it is even against Google recommendations, when choosing SEO company (Read more about Google recommendations when you want to choose SEO company), to guarantee top ranking. We are clear and ethical in our SEO practice, and we will definitely do useful things for your site. This would include adding useful content on your site, publishing articles about it, getting related inbound links and optimizing your pages. We believe that this practice will eventually put your site in a good ranking position on a search engine. This is because we make it a point to improve the site for the visitors and search engines as well.

Q- Please tell me is not buying traffic from other websites (i.e. banner ads) better and faster ?

A- Absolutely NOT, this kind of traffic most likely has poor conversion. This is because most of it usually comes from websites with different themes from your site (assuming, of course, that a competitor with a similar website will not place an ad for you).

Q- Why then is search engines’ traffic better?

A- When we do keyword research for your website and optimize it to make it good for related high search volume keywords, search engines will drive you to a 100% targeted traffic with a high conversion rate. It is a lo like selling on your site’s used cars, then somebody finds you by typing this term in the search engine box. With this in mind, don’t you think that it is the perfect traffic that you really need for your site?

Q- Ok does it mean using PPC programs is good because it also drives targeted traffic ?

A- Good PPC programs like Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center drive targeted traffic to your site. This makes it advisable to run a PPC campaign along with your SEO activities. It’s just that you should not depend only on PPC. This is because PPC costs a lot and it also stops on the day that you stop paying. As for SEO, it can serve your site for a long time if good SEO is done on your site. Moreover, it recently became a well known fact that the ads on the search engines result page are being paid so users who don’t see it will have the same credibility as the ones done on natural placement.

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Why search engine optimization:

SEO offers the most cost-effective ROI than any other marketing method.

Most Internet traffic is currently brokered by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. To do well in business on the Internet, you must also do well in the search engines.

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